Possession of Marijuana Bail Bond Services

When you or a loved one has been arrested for possession of marijuana, bail bonds services with experience are needed. It’s surprising today that people are still being arrested today for possession of marijuana, considering the fact that it is now legal in so many parts of the United States. However, there are still many people who face being arrested for possession of marijuana, especially if they are in possession of large amounts. If you are facing such a charge, Colins Bail Bond can get you out of jail.

Start the Jail Release Process Now

As soon as you or your loved one has gone before the judge and bail has been set, we will be right there by your side to help. To get started you simply need to call us with the name of the person being held, the location of the jail, the booking number, and the amount of bail. With that information, we can get started so you don’t have to spend another minute in jail.

Our knowledgeable staff has been through this process thousands of times and has all the answers to your questions. We are the resource you can depend on in order to quickly and efficiently get your loved one freed. We even have financial arrangements available to help expedite the whole process. Our services are affordable and fast – exactly what you need!

Possession of Marijuana in East Baton Rouge or Surrounding Louisiana Areas

While medical marijuana has been legalized in Louisiana, there are still many instances in which it is illegal. Whether you have been charged with simple possession of marijuana or the more serious possession with intent to sell, we can quickly get the detainee released.

As an approved bail bondsman in East Baton Rouge and surrounding Louisiana areas, Colins Bail Bond has been helping secure jail release for those charged with possession of marijuana and other offenses for almost a decade. Because we offer fast local bonding approval, our clients are quickly back home where they belong. We can also assist with warrants and discounts.

Avoid Jail Altogether

If a warrant for your arrest is issued, Colins Bail Bond can save you from ever having to spend time in jail. In such cases, bail is often preset by the courts. Working with you we can establish bonds upfront before you turn yourself in. When you do, you have a warrant walk through – your arrest is a mere formality and you can avoid jail.

Colins Bail Bond is at your service 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week to ensure that you or a loved one never needs to stay in jail a moment longer than necessary.