Reliable and Effective Assault Bail Bond Services

An assault bail bondsman is the professional you need if you or a loved one has been arrested for assault. Colins Bail Bond is an East Baton Rouge firm experienced in handling bail bonds for assault and a variety of other major and minor offenses. At your disposal 24 hours a day, we can help get you or your loved one freed as soon as bail has been set.

Help When You Need It Most

Being arrested can be a surreal experience. Many of those facing arrest for assault are facing the court system for the first time ever. It is a scary and overwhelming time for the detainee and his or her family, regardless of who was at fault in the physical alteration.

That’s where we come in. We have guided thousands of individuals through this process and know exactly what to do to ensure that you spend the least amount of time possible behind bars. We can answer any question you have and will walk with you through the entire process with confidence

Take the First Step to Release

In order to get started, all we need is the name of the individual being held, the location of the jail, the booking number, and the amount of bail. If you or a loved one has been arrested for assault and has not yet faced the judge for a bail hearing, you need to wait until that happens and then reach out to us. And if finances are a concern, simply ask about our financial arrangements. Our services are affordable and the very best option for many facing arrests for assault.

A Warrant For Your Arrest for Assault? Call Us First

There are unique cases in which a warrant is issued for someone’s arrest for assault and the bail has already been set by the courts. If you are aware of a warrant for your arrest, we can save you from any jail time. By arranging a warrant walk-through, we can establish your bail bond before you turn yourself in. When this is done, the arrest is a formality and you don’t have to spend time behind bars.

A professional bail bond service can help tremendously if you were facing arrest for assault or any other charge. As an approved Louisiana based bail bond service, Collins  Bail Bonds is familiar with the legal system in the state and is able to help you navigate the system and spend minimal time in jail.

Contact us now for more information or to get started. For a reasonable fee, we can get you freed until your court date.